Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A £250,000 men's haircut...

Have you ever read about celebrities who have these amazingly expensive hair styling sessions and thought 'why can't I have that?'

If the answer to the above question was 'yes' then today's Seen on eBay may have just the thing for you. You see, while Jennifer Aniston is allegedly happy to spend £40,000 flying over a hair stylist from LA to London to do her hair while she is in Europe even she might balk at spending £250,000 on a hair cut from a Redditch barber called Dave (see above photo).

While Dave is, perhaps, a little overoptimistic about his hair dressing worth, he is clearly hoping to appeal to people with far more money than sense:

"ive had over 20 years experience in barbering this will be the best hair cut ive ever dun and your most expensive. tell your friends how ridiculously expensive your hair cut was ... i will travel anywhere in the world for you .. "

However, should you be tempted to take Dave up on his offer of the best hair cut he's ever dun please be sure to understand what you are letting yourself in for; Dave is insistent that you will have minimal choice in what kind of hairstyle you end up with:

"no refunds or returns and i choose the style i think looks best on you ...."

And, if you do decide to call upon Dave's barbering skills then:

a) You're a far braver man than I...


b) Please be sure to get in touch (and provide a set of before and after photos!).

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