Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buy a raisin box for $700,000...

If you have a spare $700,000 to hand and are fretting over what would be a good way to spend it, then may I recommend to you a collector's item that would surely represent excellent value for your money - a 1956 vintage Sun Maid raisin box...

That's right, instead of spending that $700,000 on a matching pair of Ferrari 599 GTO, a second Cessna Citation or a Manhattan apartment, you can instead own a few centimetres of vintage red cardboard.

The item is described as:

It's a great original piece of American History

The Item is in, Good Condition, being as old, as it is

A small treasury for your to keep

Somewhat surprisingly, this appears to be a relisted item! Quite unbelievable that someone didn't snap up this original piece of American History straight away - so, if you want a small treasury to keep, I would hurry up and get your bids in as the auction is due to end on the 6th July, 2010.

If, however, empty vintage raisin boxes aren't your thing then may I point you in the direction of the - altogether cheaper - option of an unopened 1935 Sun Maid raisin box which can be yours for the startlingly cheap price of only $499. I don't know about you, but I'd be a little nervous at opening a 75 year old box of raisins as I think the raisins might walk out of their own accord after that long in captivity...

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