Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Yellow Submarine

We all live in a Yellow Submarine, sang The Beatles - and, as long as 'we' is no more than 48 and you need to live no more than 3 days, then today grants you an opportunity to bring that song to life...

This 48 seater yellow submarine is certainly a marvellous thing but I'm not certain that its manufacturers are entirely confident about its abilities as they are at pains to point out that, although it has 'passed more than 40 tests' that each seat 'comes equipped with an oxygen bottle in case of trouble' and that, in case escape wasn't possible, it also has enough air and supplies to sustain 'crew and passengers for three days underwater'

I am also slightly troubled by the fact that photo (seen above) clearly shows a yellow submarine while the description describes the submarine as follows:

"The torpedo-shaped submarine, made of steel. The top is painted white with red stripes while the bottom is brick red. The special paint prevents molluscs from collecting on the surface and causing damage. A red star is painted on the hatch door."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't look the submarine they show in the photo. I also found that the manufacturers seem to have a curious attitude as to the purpose of a submarine:

"our customers will be able to realize their dreams of making a trip to the bottom of the sea."

Now is it just me who would like a submarine that can take you to the bottom of the sea and back?

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